The Dark Rift’s Lift the Arrival of the Underlord – Dota 2 News

The Dark Rift’s Lift the Arrival of the Underlord – Dota 2 News

Vrogros the Underlord also known as Pitlord from DoTA has arrived in world of Dota 2. The avid followers of the game have been waiting for this hero for a long time since valve announces its arrival in the game. But apparently, Arc Warden arrived in the game after Underlord’s arrival was announced.

During the TI6 All Star Match between Team Kaci vs. Team Slacks. Vrogros the Underlord debuted in the game and played by N0taiL. Dota 2 Items such as the Lockless Luck vase is also available now.


Hero’s Welcoming: the Roster’s Completion

The arrival of the Underlord completed the roster of the heroes from the original DoTA.

Yesterday, the update was officially released in the Dota 2 client where Underlord can now be played in Pub matches and ranked matches and certainly he’s not yet available to be played on Captain’s Mode. Well, basically all new heroes who recently added in the game are auto-banned in Captain’s Mode in a certain period of time with the reason of adapting to its Meta or some stuff related on how the game will go.

In the TI6 All Star match, Underlord was too OP during the game even without Dota Items, since some of the players that came from the audiences are not familiar in this hero. I’m quite sure that this hero will undergo skill and stats balancing once it is decided to be played in the Pro Scene.

Dota 2 Items for Underlord might be available soon since there are creative people in the Dota 2 Workshop who got carried away in the Underlord Hype.

Carrying the Hype on Matches for Dota Items

Since Underlord is new to some of the players, you should prepare yourself on players that will auto pick Underlord. Well that attitude is common in the Pub community since they wanted to test what’s new and how this hero really works. Well, best of luck to Ranked players who will encounter troll players who will pick Underlord and end up dying too much. Happy -25 MMR to you guys and Happy +25 MMR to players who will survive this hype train.


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