Albion Online Currency: Any Good?

Albion Online Currency: Any Good?

If you have been looking forward for Albion Online and know nothing about it, here is a good brief discussion of the game and what to expect. Honestly, I don’t know much myself other than the fact that I want to be filthy rich with Albion Online Currency. So yeah, read on to know more about the game that we are anticipating for.

Albion Online Currency: Q&A

Just like us, EpicStory1989 from Reddit is curios if Albion will be any good and posts this on the Albion Online Subreddit:

I have several questions that would help me decide whether to jump in or not.

  1. What is considered End Game content and how sustainable will it be in terms of updating, expanding, changing etc?
  2. Is this game solo friendly i mean can i experience more than say 80% of the games content without joining a guild or group. (it doesnt matter if its harder or not, just is it possible)
  3. I understand there is no “ULTIMATE GOAL” to albion online, you kind of just exist and live, however is there something to work towards outside of grinding skills,resources and fame etc.
  4. Will the combat be improved, made perhaps a little more intuitive and movement orientated as i notice it seems very basic?

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Good for us, someone actually answered all of these.

  1. The ultimate end-game for Albion Online is debatable but in terms of content would either be high-end (high tier dungeons/world boss) PvE, or territorial PvP. Both of these are expandable/can be updated rather easily with just expanding the world (size).
  2. You would probably be able to experience anywhere from 50-80% of the game solo I’d say (gathering, crafting, small group PvE activities), missing out on larger group activities (competitive open world PvP, social aspect from guilds, and GvG).
  3. If you aren’t in a guild not really, I mean you could go on a PvP spree just to kill others. But if you are in a guild then you could work towards securing and protecting territories.
  4. They should be adding more skills/spells in future updates if that’s what you mean. Otherwise it seems unlikely which is unfortunate as CC-based combat gets pretty dull.

Smart cast is also on the to-do list which should help a little bit.

It is just one comment / answer but still a big factor in deciding if Albion Online is the MMO to go. What do you think? Shall we all jump in with EpicStory1989 and farm Albion Online Currency ‘til we drop? Leave a comment below!

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