Albion Online Currency: Galahad

Albion Online Currency: Galahad

Albion Online’s release is almost near and the continuous hard work of the developers will not stop any time soon. As a player looking forward for the game, I couldn’t appreciate it any more all the work put into it and don’t mind the long-awaited release date. Speaking of putting stuff in to the game, there is a new update. This sounds good as I farm for my Albion Online Currency.

Albion Online Currency News

Here is the update on Albion Online. Details came from the Albion Online Official Website:

Galahad is here, one of the final steps before the release of Albion Online on July 17, 2017!

This update brings an incredible amount of changes to the world of Albion. We have reworked the entire world, bringing in a new Royal Continent and Outlands, as well as biome-specific cities. The world map has also gotten a make-over, making it more immersive and believable. On top of that, the open world PvE has been completely revamped with massive guardians, random camps, home bases and more. No time to venture into the world? Explore one of seven new Expeditions instead!

Continue reading below to find out about all new features and content in Galahad. A detailed list of all new features and changes can be found in the changelog.


The servers are going to be down for three days in prearation for Galahad. Data will be wiped, according to the official website. All Founder items will be returned and Albion Online Currency purchased through the website and referral rewards as well when you log back in.

As soon as the servers go back up, Galahad is ready to be explored by the players! That would be March 13 for the Legendary Founders. Epic Founders will be able to enter Galahad on the 14th and Veteran Founders on March 15.

This is pretty exciting! Are you? Let us know in the comments section below!


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