Ban Those Pokemon Go Accounts

Ban Those Pokemon Go Accounts

Pokemon Go is so popular now that it is getting the attention of everybody. Getting so much popularity comes with praise and of course, criticisms. Anything mainstream now is bound to get blows left and right from different sectors of the society. They just, I don’t know, want a piece of their mind about the awesome game even though you and I know they have no idea about it. Us, Pokemon Go Accounts owners, for sure, will hear news and criticisms about the game we are enjoying right now.

Pokemon Go Accounts in Iran and Russia

Pokemon Go is a global hit. Every corner of the world, people are going nuts in catching Pokemon. Well, in Iran they don’t. More of, they can’t. Pokemon Go is banned in Iran. Why? It is all because of concerns on “citing security over its location-based technology.” Better safe than sorry for the government of Iran, I guess. Who knows, Niantic might be collecting these information and will start World War III. In Russia, it is almost crazy on why they are discouraging people to play Pokemon Go. Like Iran, the Russian officials are saying that there are possible hidden dangers in the app. Heck, they even think the CIA is interested in one location in Russia because the game indicated that certain location has a Pokemon gym. Another comment in the Russian media is that the west, presumably America, is trying to control the Russian population through Pokemon Go. One more, yes, one more absurd comment is that the game is reeked of Satanism.

Pokemon Go Accounts

The reasons for these comments because people are enjoying something that of the virtual world. That they are wasting their lives. Really? I think it is otherwise. More people went out because of Pokemon Go. People learned certain places IN THE REAL WORLD because they were required by Pokemon Go. I mean, yeah, the catalyst is the virtual game but the result contributes to the real world. The only evident danger that Pokemon Go Accounts players should be careful about is how they walk and pay attention in the roads while trying to catch a Pokemon. That’s it. Satanism my behind.

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