Divine Scepter: Dota 2 Items Spotlight – Defense of the Ancients 2

Divine Scepter: Dota 2 Items Spotlight – Defense of the Ancients 2

Eul’s Scepter of Divinity is the item which can be used by supports or carries. This item can be used for defensive plays, escaping, dodging projectiles and skills or offensive ways such as setting the enemy hero with its cyclone.


With other Dota 2 Items you can make this item very useful and I’ll list some of the heroes who benefit the effect of this item.

Divine Scepter for Heroes

There are several heroes who can use this item, below are the names of the heroes with the respective reason why they need or they will need this item:

  • Heroes with Blink Dagger – Divine Scepter’s cyclone can be your time for invulnerability and your chance to reset the cooldown of your Blink Dagger. If you have been chased by heroes simply cast the Divine Scepter to yourself and timely blink out of your current area or simply spam your hotkey where the blink dagger is used.
  • AoE skills – Heroes such as Blood Seeker, ShadowFiend, Lina, Shadow Shaman, Rubick, SkyWrath Mage, Death Prophet and Invoker are the heroes who usually use this item for offensive terms: This means they need this item to land and execute their skill properly.
    • Blood Seeker’s Bloodrite
    • ShadowFiend’s Requiem
    • Lina’s Light Strike Array
    • Shaman’s Mass Serpent Wards
    • Rubik’s Stolen Skill
    • SkyWrath’s Mystic Flare
    • Death Prophet’s Silence
    • Invoker’s Meteor, Sunstrike, Ice Wall and Cold Snap
  • Dodging Single Target Ultimate – Since you’re invulnerable while you’re in the cyclone, here are some of the skills that you might dodge. Most of these skills are projectile;
    • Huskar’s Lifebreak
    • Juggernaut’s Omnislash
    • Sniper’s Assassinate
    • Viper’s Viper Strike
    • Void’s Chronosphere
  • This item can also be used in cancelling channelling abilities such as Epicenter, Freezing Field, Dismember, Black Hole and TP.

Heroes with Divine Scepter as Cosmetic Item

As far as I know, there are two heroes who have Eul’s Scepter in-game; Crystal Maiden and Rubick. These items have Rare (blue) rarity. Get your other Dota Items and customize your best hero.

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