Elements Pro Team Enters the Game – CS:GO News

Elements Pro Team Enters the Game – CS:GO News

Elements Pro Gaming have entered the the Pro-Scene of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The organization have signed in the Russian-Ukrainian roster of PiTER in November last year to debut their rise this year. The team have achieved some minor success since they’ve joined the Elements Pro Gaming. They have reached the semi-finals at GO: Champions League Season and Binary Dragons Cup #5.

The team have reached some of the minor fans for CS:GO Skins.

Elements Pro Team

Elements Pro-Gaming Achievements

One of the highlight of the Elements Pro-gaming team when they have finished the HellCase Cup #1. Their run streak ended when they got defeated and fallen in 2nd place. Last month, the roster have changed to an all-Russian line-up. Kirill “Bombl4” Mikhailov have immediately replaced Vlaidslav “arch” Svistov as their announcement was made.

According to the announcement, EPG are set to experience their second roster change. The 30 year-old veteran player named Dmitriy “hooch” Bogdanov will be replacing Dmitriy “facecrack” Alekseyev. Hooch’s last regular spell with a team was with Gambit Gaming when he led the team to the quarter-finals of ESL One: Cologne 2016. After being released from his previous team, Hooch have attended the European Finals to participate on WESG Global Finals with Russian mix.

The Russian team is now qualified for the main event but not in China. This Russian mixture team have failed to advance the past group stage.

The Elements Pro-Gaming team have finalized their roster with the following people;

  • Saveliy “jmqa” Bragin
  • Alexey “ub1que” Polivanov
  • Nikita “waterfaLLZ” Matveyev
  • Kirill “Bombl4” Mikhailov
  • Dmitriy “hooch” Bogdanov

Team of Russians

This new improved team has the great potential to win major leagues in CS:GO. People who are rooting for this team are expecting great results after the announcement of roster changes. The replaced players aren’t so bad, but the team need better players to move forward and win matches from now on.

It’s a good practice for these players if they’ll look to each other as they compete in these major leagues. Winning these matches means more CS:GO Skins for the players who roots in the team.

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