How not to Wombo Combo in Dota 2 with Underlord

How not to Wombo Combo in Dota 2 with Underlord

Underlord’s hype is still high after a week of its release. Creative players have been trying of varieties of combos with Underlord and land a creative wombo combo kill. Dota 2 Items such as smoke of deceit, shadow blade or blink dagger can be your trusty item together with this new hero. How? I’ll show you some of the things I saw as I play my games.


Initiating the Initiation

In setting up a play using Dark Rift; Underlord’s ultimate must be casted on the enemy’s vicinity without the enemy seeing the ultimate’s animation. But how are you going to do these types of initiations?

  • Invisibility: Here is the very basic one; invisible units can be your best initiation for Underlord’s ultimate. Heroes like Clinks, Bounty Hunter, Broodmother, Riki and Nyx Assassin can be your best duo hero for Underlord. Once you casted Underlord’s ultimate on invisible units, the animation effect of the skill is not visible to enemy units. Here is the list of my special mention heroes who can bring the Dark rift perfectly;
    • Spirit Breaker with Shadow Blade
    • Spirit wolves of Lycan
  • Blink Dagger/Blink Abilities: Heroes with core items of Blink Dagger can be one of the alternative initiations to initiate your Dark Rift. But this requires a great timing, the unit that will bring the Dark rift is visible, the animation is very obvious. Heroes like Magnus, Enigma and Tide Hunter can be your best initiator. Know the best timing to jump with Blink Dagger as the animation of the Dark Rift completes the skill to deploy your best Wombo Combo attack.

These kinds of tricks should be practiced a lot since Underlord is a great hero and his ultimate can be use offensively or defensively.

Heroes Good for Underlord’s Attack Initiation

In this list, ill name the heroes who are very effective in dealing damage using Underlord’s ultimate;

  • Shadow Fiend with the timely casting of Requiem of Souls
  • Sand King’s Epicenter
  • Earthshaker’s Echo Slam

These heroes mentioned above are the current heroes I saw effective with Underlord’s Ultimate. I know that there are more heroes capable of doing these kinds of Wombo combo with Dota Items.

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