I Summon My Wards! Dota 2 Items for Shadow Shaman

I Summon My Wards! Dota 2 Items for Shadow Shaman

Multiple target damage, Voodoo skills, shackles and Serpent wards; Shadow Shaman’s abilities are very useful in team fights, catching heroes without mobility or escape and push lanes.

Shadow Shaman

There are several Dota 2 Items you can build for Shadow Shaman for support roaming, sustain or push build.

Items Build and Skill Builds

In this Shadow Shaman hero build, I’ll show you the skills you need to level up in priority and Dota Items. I’ve found out that this build is usually used by ranked match games and in pro gaming matches;

This skill build is a balanced for damage and hero control duration and your initial skill will depend on the situation in rune wars or chasing heroes after rune wars.

Lvl1:  or     Lvl2:  or      Lvl3:  

Lvl4:   Lvl5:  Lvl6: Lvl7:     Lvl8:

Lvl9:   Lvl10:    Lvl11:   Lvl12:  

Lvl13:  Lvl14:   Lvl15: Stat Bonus Lvl16: 

and Bonus stats for the rest of your leveling.

Item Builds:mana items for dota 2 items
Initial items such as Arcane Boots and Aether lens Is a great advantage. It will increase your mana pool and a good amount of regeneration by the ring of health.

euls and dagger for dota 2i tems

Mobility Items such as Blink Dagger and Eul’s Scepter of Divinity is a great tool to pick enemies, improve mobility and movement speed. These items can be used defensively and for escape.

aghanim's and refresher orb for dota 2 items

If you’re pursuing the push build, get an Aghanim’s Scepter and Refresher Orb

For survivability, Ghost Scepter, Glimmer Cape or Shadow Blade

Customizing the Shaman

Shadow Shaman

For my personal choice of custom item for Shadow Shaman, I choose the “The Dancer of the Spiteful Eye”. The set Dota 2 Items particle effects are good and the headgear can be infused for improved hero particle effects.

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