Preparing Valentine’s Day for IMVU Credits Buyers

Preparing Valentine’s Day for IMVU Credits Buyers

In the previous article, we discussed the overall Valentine’s Day wardrobe. In this article, we are going to discuss which color fits on what clothes.

We have black, which not an ideal color for valentines. However, some people are going to go for black due to whatever reason. Black is the color for people who are EMO, or alone/broken during the valentines.

Pink is the color of innocence. Some people may even say that pink is the color for men.

For most people, red is the primary color for Valentine’s Day.

Hearts are red, pink goes black because you have no date in the date of 14.

Top Colors of Valentines for IMVU Credits Buyers: Black

Black is for lonely people in Valentine’s Day. Going for a black tuxedo during Valentine’s Day is not a bad choice; combine it with a white color. It will look good for a sole person in the world.

Basically, people are going to wear pink or red, and any attractive colors while black is out of the question for most people. Choosing black will give a person a full uniqueness. Simple yet unique could be achieved if the colors are utilized well. It is like chemistry.

No color is beautiful. Beauty is achieved through combining the colors.

Top Colors of Valentines for IMVU Credits Buyers: Pink

Pink does not always mean innocence. However, kids nowadays wear pink dresses, resulting into people viewing pink as childish.

Basically, pink goes well to white too. However, it will be way too childish to go with white, try going with green or blue.

Top Colors of Valentines for IMVU Credits Buyers: Red

Red would be the standard color during Valentine’s Day. This may sound dumb, but the color of every heart in this world, may it be a dog, bird, or monkey, they have a heart colored in red, except insects though. They are isolated from Valentine’s Day.

Any secondary color would work on red as long as red is not over colored by another.


Discuss what you are going to wear during Valentine’s Day with IMVU credits buyers. Meet other players here!

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