In-Game Tips for First Time IMVU Credits Enthusiasts

In-Game Tips for First Time IMVU Credits Enthusiasts

This game teaches you one thing: physical appearance is everything. Yes, you read that right! Ironically enough, even though IMVU is basically a social game in a virtual world where you should be more accepted, you have to be a thousand times prettier in-game than you are in real life – because otherwise people won’t talk to you at all, much less make virtual love with you, which is frankly the core of the game. Fortunately (or unfortunately), you can achieve this by investing on a thousand IMVU credits. If this fact hasn’t turned you off yet, then read on for some tips for first time players who want to try the game.

imvu credits avatar 3

Types of IMVU Credits Enthusiasts

When you first create an account, you go through a few training modules on how to use their client; however, there are no training modules on their system security or how to use their security features for users below 18. It’s simply download, install, and go. This should give you a heads up already on what kind of game this is, so consider yourself warned.

To spare you the horrific (or not so horrific) experience, here are the types of IMVU credits enthusiasts you will encounter throughout your IMVU escapades:

  • GAMERS who are on it for the game and the 3D experience / interaction. This type usually doesn’t last long in the game because they could do so much better (lol).
  • ARTISTS and FASHION DESIGNERS who are on it to show off their skills and obvious elite statuses in the social hierarchy that is within IMVU.
  • SOCIAL NETWORKERS who are on it to make contacts, and because they enjoy talking to different people.
  • PSYCHOS who are on it to stalk / lurk around underage children and preteens, and have other ulterior motives which we dare not state.
  • PRETENDERS who are either males using female avatars, or females using male avatars. We’re not exactly sure what purpose in life they wish to achieve by doing so, but it must be that

Clothing and Fashion with IMVU Credits

All right, on to the more exciting part of the game – clothing! Upon creating your avatar, you will be granted basic clothing etc., but you must NEVER settle on this! NEVER! Why? Because other players will laugh at you, that’s why. Like we said, this game is all about the physical appearance. If you look basic, then you’re like the snotty kid no one wants to sit or stand next to in class. Never ever walk around wearing the starter pack for first time players.

imvu credits fashion outfit

Usual outfits consist of the following:

  • Avatar
  • Scalers
  • Head
  • Clothes
  • Accessories
  • Eyes
  • Skin
  • Eyebrows
  • Actions

In other words, these are what you’ll be spending more than just cheap IMVU credits for.  And not just once, mind you.

Stay Pretty with IMVU Credits

imvu credits avi 1How do you succeed at this game, you ask? Stay pretty. We’ve been saying that since the first part of the guide! The intentions of the developers are probably ‘pure and innocent’, but in an environment such as this, don’t expect people to be exactly who they are. Maybe this is why the game is addicting (for some). This virtual community caters to our innate need to fit in – and clearly, IMVU prides itself in that. You don’t get anywhere in the game without IMVU credits, and credits cost real life, hard-earned money. Your only goal in the game is to be the center of attention. Be loved. Be fashionable. Be socially accepted. Now, it’s up to you to decide whether it’s well worth it. Stay tuned for our next guide – we know you want it.

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