Late for Warframe and Warframe Market?

Late for Warframe and Warframe Market?

I just got back to playing first person shooter from a hiatus ever since high school. Yeah, that was a good decade of no shooting with people in the head with AWP while jumping in the air. Yes, I will brag about my jump sniping in Counter-strike back in the day because I was good at it. You know what they say, if you have it, flaunt it. Anyways, Overwatch got me back on the FPS track. I am pretty sure someone in the 30 million who bought the copy of Overwatch got back into shooting people because of this amazing game by Blizzard. Enough of that though. I want to talk about another shooter, Warframe. I don’t know anything about this game. Maybe find a little background of the game, things to do in it, how the Warframe Market works, etc. So read on, ride with me as I share to you guys what I learn about it.

Warframe Market: What is this game?!

I know, I am a slowpoke for not knowing this good-looking game. Insert slowpoke meme here.  Again, I have a valid excuse because I just got back to getting to know the different shooting game around. Okay, so what is Warframe?

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Warframe is a third-person cooperative shooter by Digital Extremes. The game is free to play and accessible in PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. So, who are we in the game? Players play as members of Tenno, a race of ancient warriors. The story is deeper but I don’t want to delve on that. There are different factions and they are at war, that’s all we need to know. I am avoiding spoilers for the first time readers as well.

The game has PVE and PVP just like any MMORPG. Various quests are available in the different planets across the solar system. That includes the different moons like Phobos, Europa and Lua which is the Earth’s moon in the game. There are also dwarf planets namely Pluto, Ceres, Eris and Sedna. If that’s not enough, players can also get mission in the Void. In short, there are many things to do in the game which excites me.

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As we are learning that there are very many missions, what are the options for weapons? After all, this is a shooter. Players have a primary weapon, secondary weapon, and a melee weapon. Primary weapons can be rifles, bows or shotguns. Secondary weapons look like they are weaker. Examples are pistols and other blade weapons like kunai. For melee, swords, axes and hammers are some. Maybe there are more available in the game but the looks of the available weapons, it is very enticing.

Warframe prime weapons are important and so are warframe mods. They dictate how powerful a player will be alongside ones skill in playing. Of course, there are other equipments such as helmets and you get them through grinding or trading with other players.

I am enjoying playing Overwatch right now but Warframe is looking good. How about you? Can you picture the game and how fun it will be? Let’s try it out and leave your experience in the comments section below!

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