Lawsuit on Pokemon Go Accounts

Lawsuit on Pokemon Go Accounts

The spotlight is so bright on Pokemon Go but this time, it comes with a lawsuit. Yes, Pokemon Go Accounts are in danger right now since someone in Canada, Alberta specifically, filed a case to the maker of the game, Niantic.

Pokemon Go Accounts Beware

We all know that the game is so good that it you know it will encounter some road bumps. This is one of them. A woman in Alberta, Canada filed a case, invasion of privacy, with the assistance of a Calgary law firm. Barbra-Lyn Schaeffer learned about Pokemon Go when she visited her daughter in Red Deer. Her daughter let her try the game and she easily got the point of the game.

They found out later that their house became a “Pokemon Gym.” They then wondered how in the world their home became a “gym” when one is a public place while their home is private. True enough, their home became a place where people go to. Barba-Lyn said that people were looking through their windows and doors, trying to go over their fence. Someone even flew a drone in their property to play Pokemon Go. With people hanging around their house, their family dog can’t help it but bark at those people. The frequency of people going at their vicinity caused their neighbors then to complain about the dog barking so loudly, non-stop. Things really got chaotic.

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Schaeffer just wants their house to be removed from the game’s map and to be removed in the game.

So, that’s the back story of it. People have invaded their privacy with Pokemon Go causing it. Niantic, unfortunately, hasn’t responded yet. With the utter disregard where to put Pokestops and Pokemon Gyms, the number of lawsuits (or at least complaints) might go up in the near future.

To all you Pokemon Go Accounts owners, please respect the owners of the properties you are heading to because so far, Niantic doesn’t have a say on this.

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