Madden Mobile Coins in Draft Night

Madden Mobile Coins in Draft Night

NFL Draft passed and a Madden Mobile player would expect that he would only get to play those rookies in the 2018 Madden Mobile right? Well, not totally wrong. I didn’t expect that EA would let players of Madden Mobile 17 play the new acquisitions of team in this recent draft. With my focus solely on getting many Madden Mobile Coins as I can, I almost missed this news and if ever you did, I would like to share it with you! This is crazy stuff!

Madden Mobile Coins: Playable Draft Picks

Okay, this is a really surprising move by EA for me because the company hasn’t been really living up to the expectations according to public opinions and I kind of agree with them. Hey, they made good on this one.

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During the recent NFL Draft, EA made an event that players would be able to play the top 10 draft picks as they were picked! Yes, it was in real-time. As an avid NFL fan, getting a glimpse of these new stars, hopefully, is a plus. Welcoming new talent in the league and how they will fair with the competition of the toughest sport in the world. So yeah, as teams picked their draft choice, each player will be updated in the Madden Mobile game and players get a chance to try them out at once! Try them out in your current team and how they will blend in. Here are the details from the Madden Mobile Website last April 25th:

On draft night, you’ll be able to play along with us as we put the Top 10 picks in the game as soon as they are drafted with new Live Events, Packs and Sets.

As I mentioned, there was a Rookie Live Event:

Rookie Live Events

As mentioned above, we’ll be welcoming the Top 10 picks the actual night of the Draft. Right after a player is selected, there will be a corresponding Live Event with that player – so this is your first chance to play as that pick!

I am really happy that EA did this. Now that draft night’s over, back to collecting more Madden Coins. How’s your Madden Mobile experience going with this Draft Night event? Share them in the comments section below.

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