Madden Mobile Coins in Easter

Madden Mobile Coins in Easter

Easter passed but Madden Mobile Coins need to be spent on this Easter Promo. Yes, Madden Mobile made this year’s Easter event so exciting with a lot of goodies. The Madden Mobile Easter Promo started last April 12 and players played for Easter eggs. Random prizes are inside those Easter eggs and for sure, a lot of players grinded this. Surely, attracting those players like myself and my friends that don’t play that much.

Madden Mobile Coins: Well-Thought

The Easter event for me was well-thought because it really made players to play more. It also made it more exciting for Madden Mobile players. Exciting in the sense that we strive for something more. I’m talking about the eggs that contain prizes. It was so well-thought that I saw this guide of the whole event where players should focus on. For those who didn’t know, there were three types of boxes / eggs:

Crystal Egg

  • These can be bought in the Auction House or in the Easter Packs. There’s a Crystal Legend inside that could be either Tony Dorsett or Larry Wilson. These players are ultra-high-end, with 99 OVRs and +2 AGI/+2 AWR boosts, respectively. So yeah, it was a great chance to acquire a very valuable player in your team if you’re having a very unlucky run so far.

Golden Egg

  • These eggs had a hatching day and contained chocolate bunnies, Gold players that are 84 and above rating players and some mystery boxes. Players were advised to keep these eggs.

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Actually, this is somewhat a surprise for me. I never thought that a sporting game, all the more a mobile game, has an event. All the while I thought that only MMORPGs do events like these. This, in fact, took my mind off from grinding those Madden Coins for awhile and honestly, this Easter event’s really fun.

How did you Easter event in Madden Mobile go? Share your experience in the comments section below.

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