Madden Mobile Coins: Something You Might Not Know As Well

Madden Mobile Coins: Something You Might Not Know As Well

As I was looking for ways to improve in Madden Mobile and get more Madden Mobile Coins through winning, I stumbled upon a thread in the Madden Mobile Subreddit that I never thought existed. Really, all the while I’ve been playing the game with full knowledge but sad to say, I have been playing it ignorantly. What am I talking about? Well, I am pertaining to the hidden stats in Madden Mobile! Yes, there are hidden stats in players that I didn’t know.

Madden Mobile Coins: My Savior

This was the post I mentioned:

Looking at zach Thomas and he looks really good but someone said he has 99 play recognition and you can’t see that stay on his card so where can you find it? Is MUT card stats the same as mobile card stats? If so could I just use the muthead data base to see the hidden stats?

Actually, the reply to this post was the real savior. Okay, I was completely unaware that there’s an existing database for Madden Mobile which is MUThead Data Base that can be found in There I found the complete stats of players I need to win more Madden Coins! Not sure though which or where is the hidden stat. What I find more useful there is that people do talk about the player you search for and you can see their comments on said player. Yeah, not all comments are completely true but assuming they have more knowledge than I am, I somewhat need to consider what they’re saying. Sometimes, there are comments that make good sense.

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Point is, if you really want to be competitive and dedicate to a game like Madden Ultimate Team, playing it for hours and hours a day isn’t enough. You got to go research stuff and take every bit of information to your advantage. I just realized this late, sad to say.

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