Madden Mobile Coins: Super Bowl LI Records

Madden Mobile Coins: Super Bowl LI Records

It has been over a month since Super Bowl LI and the excitement still is real for me. Unless you are an Atlanta Falcons fan, maybe it is otherwise. Regardless, Super Bowl LI was really amazing and it sucks that we American Football fans have no choice but to stay put and await for the next season. Good thing there is Madden Mobile. While away from the live action, we still have the amazing American football game to enjoy. Are you like me keeping myself busy with the game and earning some Madden Mobile Coins?

Madden Mobile Coins: Looking Back

If you haven’t seen Super Bowl LI and still skeptical on how spectacular it was, here are some of the NFL records set, tied and broken in that single championship game:

Tom Brady (Patriots)

  • Super Bowl record for pass completions (43)
  • Number of passes (62)
  • Passing Yards (466)
  • Career Super Bowl Appearance (7)
  • Completions (207)
  • Passes (309)
  • Passing Yards (2,071)
  • Touchdown Passes (15)
  • Tie with the most rings (5)

Bill Belichick (Patriots)

  • Super Bowl Appearance for a coach (7)
  • Super Bowl Victories (5)

James White (Patriots)

  • Reception (14)
  • Individual Points Scored (20)
  • Tied most touchdowns in Super Bowl (3)
  • Tied two-points conversion with teammate Danny Amendola (1)

The Patriots broke Super Bowl records for biggest comeback (25) and most appearances (9), first downs (37), first downs passing (26), passing yards (422), offensive plays (93), passes (63), completions (43) and being the very first overtime in Super Bowl history, most points in an OT (6).

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The teams also tied the records for most two-point conversions (2) and first downs by penalty (4).

The Patriots and Falcons combined to set Super Bowl records for first downs (54), first downs passing (39) and passing yards (682) in addition to matching the most two-point conversions in a game (2).

A Falcon player also tied Super Bowl records. DT Grady Jarrett’s three sacks in a Super Bowl is a tie to the previous ones.

So, with all the records tied and broken, don’t you think that Super Bowl LI is a must watch? So if you missed the game, put down your mobile phone first, halt your Madden Coins spree and watch Super Bowl LI!

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