Master of the Netherworld: Pugna’s Items – Dota2 Guide

Master of the Netherworld: Pugna’s Items – Dota2 Guide

Pugna is an Intelligence hero who has the ability to burst enemies with his nether magics and punish hero as they cast skills.


Dota 2 items and proper skill build will help you kill enemies.

Items and Skill builds for Pugna

There are several Dota Items you can purchase for this hero. But for this guide, I’ll show my personal build for Support role.

  • For Skill build, you should max out your damaging skills such as Nether Blast and Nether Ward. You can level up your Decrepify for level 1 just to protect your nether ward for attackers.
  • Maxing the level your Nether Blast can also fasten the damage you can bring to enemy towers which can give your carry hero the space to farm more.
  • Your Nether Ward will help you defensively especially for heroes who will try to gank your lane. Heroes with large amount of mana to use on skills are severely damage by the Nether Ward or the heroes who has spammable skills.
  • Life Drain Ultimate can be used offensively and defensively.
    • Offensive – Draining your enemy’s HP to heal you as you punish them with your high damaging skills.
    • Defensive – Draining your own HP to heal your allies if they’re in trouble.

Items you can purchase for Support Role:

  • For more sustaining ability get a Mekanism or Greaves and Pipe of Insights.
  • For survivability and Mobility you can purchase a Blink Dagger, Glimmer Cape, Force Staff and Aether Lens.
  • Increasing your burst damage is possible by purchasing Aghanim’s Scepter and Dagon.\
  • Utility Core items such as Scythe of Vyse, Rod of Atos and Divine Scepter can give you more survivability, mana regeneration or increase your chance to escape.

Dressing your Pugna

Empower the look of your Nether Ward by his existing Immortal Dota Item, the Draining Wight. Improved particle effects, ward appearance and ward damage we’re modified. This item is not pricey unlike other immortal items.

Remember to get your Battle Pass for this year’s compendium and The International Event and you might get the chance to get an immortal item for your favorite hero.

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