Producer’s Letter of Game Changes for Blade and Soul

Producer’s Letter of Game Changes for Blade and Soul

Blade and Soul has gone through a lot of changes over the past year since the day of publish. Changes in the we’re implmented by the develepers, all thanks to the loyal BnS Gold hunter. Changes such as reduced cost for Hongmoon Skills, PvP Spectator Mode, converting more items to be account-bound. Streamlining weapon Evolution, and making legendary accessories available through tokens and other things. Let’s see the Producer’s Letter.

Producer's Letter

Discussing the Changes in the Game

As we look at where we are and some of the releases we’re working on right now, one of our top priorities is to fix the remaining issues with the Character Profile (F2) window displaying incorrect (or no) information. We know this function is heavily used by the community and is an important part of your gameplay experience, so we’re focusing on resolving this right now.

The number of bot users we’re reduced because of the improved behind the scene investigations. Developers have ensured the fair play in PvP arena. The situation has improved dramatically, and committing to put the resources toward continued action against cheaters.

A recent 64-bit client version of Blade and Soul was release for the players who are asking for a better performance in gaming. The developers are pleased with the results so far and they’re continuously working on making improvements in the game. The 64-bit client will ensure the player’s most awaited game performance they’ve been waiting for.

To ensure players can get the most benefit from the 64-bit client the developers are working to improve the technology used in the game. Every feedback on the community is important regarding the Game Guard to ensure more security on the game.

Impact of the Game changes

The game is focusing on the content release cadence more frequently to assess the updates are more impactful. The goal over the past year has been to catch up to the other regions while maintaining a good balance between accessible and challenging content. Having more impactful and feature-rich updates will mean they’re less frequent than they were when we were playing catchup, but will generally have more grand content and features packed into each one.



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