Starting the Year Right for IMVU Credits Buyers

Starting the Year Right for IMVU Credits Buyers

2016 just rolled in! Did you celebrate it with a bang? It’s another year and it’s a must to start it out right. After all the partying and festivities have died down and cleaned up you must take a deep breath and look at the whole year ahead of you. It’s time to start it right and what better way than having the generic but must-do New Year’s resolutions, even in the IMVU world! On today’s article we’ll be talking about our New Year’s resolutions suggestions that we hope all IMVU credits buyers will take in and enjoy—especially for those aiming to look absolutely fab and fierce this 2016! Read on below for more information.


2016 Wardrobe Update for IMVU Credits Buyers

Let’s face it, every piece of clothing in your inventory is sooooo 2015. It’s time for a wardrobe update! We know how much you looove shopping so this resolution won’t be hard. Go out and buy IMVU credits to purchase awesome outfits for 2016! Edgy and chic is sooo in this year. Don’t be afraid to go crazy! This is your year, claim it! The IMVU world is your runway so dress to impress! There are so many outfits and pieces in the shop that will fill up your wardrobe beautifully. You know what they say, if you look fabulous, you’ll feel fabulous!


Makeovers for IMVU Credits Buyers

New year, new clothes, now all you need is a new look! Kylie Jenner’s luscious lips are taking over, plump and kissable. If you can’t have them in real life you can have them in IMVU for IMVU credits! Smoldering eyes paired with fierce eyebrows that are on fleek is makeup perfection! This look is ready for the 2016 newest selfies!

Hair colors are so in this 2016 and the beauty of it is that there are so many colors to choose from in the shop! The possibilities of hair color and styles are endless! One particular trend that has been catching on is the granny grey hair style seen on the model above. Style your grey hair with a short, simple, medium length bob cut to give you that modern edgy look.

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