The Keepers of Albion in Hunting Albion Online Gold

The Keepers of Albion in Hunting Albion Online Gold

For as long as history has been recorded on Albion, the tribes have been there. Over the years they have grown, shrunk, and grown again. Hundreds of petty battles fought and forgotten. What separated the human groups from Albion’s other life was their ability to listen and to understand.

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Though the people of the tribes were not naturally as powerful as the beasts around them, they learned to enhance their natural savagery with that of the wolf, the bear and the eagle. Even the smaller animals had secrets to share, providing the watcher was patient enough. Over time, the tribes developed crafting skills to make claws of their own, as sharp as the wildest animal’s, and imbued with the land’s magic.

Albion Online Gold Hunting in the Keepers

These are the tribesmen who help the lore faction to rise up in the fights;

  • The Tribesfolk – The humans of Albion tend to be larger than those of the old world. They have a hunter gatherer culture, often moving from one favoured hunting ground to another over the year. They are organized into tribes that each have their own leaders. Loose rules govern them all but an individual tribe will have unique quirks that mark them out.
  • The Earthmother – The title and relics convey both power and status. Afterwards she is no longer seen as a giant, rather as a manifestation of the earth, and worshipped by giant and druid alike. Her presence is always a good omen, heralding the arrival of healthy children, the end of disease and an explosion of wildlife.
  • The Druids – While most tribes will have their own druid, the druids also maintain links to those of other tribes too, meeting in sacred spots during the heights of summer and winter to practice their rituals and enjoy a good gossip.
  • The Giants – Giants never stop growing. As they age they become more and more like the land itself, until moss begins to grow on across their backs and their skin becomes tougher and more stone like. A young giant only sleeps once or twice a year but as they age these sleeps grow in duration and frequency, the oldest giants are as big as mountains and can sleep for hundreds of years if left undisturbed.

Faction Profits in Albion Online Gold

In choosing the faction you want can affect the income of your Albion Online gold hunting since the people who will help you can also gain as they help you out. More members of the faction the better since they will be your man power to hunt down enemies to gain profits.

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