Virtual Rooms? Now Made Possible for IMVU Credits Buyers!

Virtual Rooms? Now Made Possible for IMVU Credits Buyers!

IMVU has been around from way, way back in 2004, but it only keeps getting better every year. 2016 is the rise of virtual realities – and as expected of IMVU president and founder Brett Durrett, he has thought way ahead for his game. Introducing: social VR. Find out more in the article below, IMVU credits buyers.

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Social VR for IMVU Credits Buyers

IMVU is a virtual chat room, much like Habbo Hotel or Second Life. Through IMVU, users are able to chat with each other as an avatar, utilizing gestures, interactions, and their own typed words to communicate. It’s been operating for over a decade, with millions of registered IMVU credits buyers in that time. Unsurprisingly, Durrett still has big visions in store for the game, especially this year.

 “We’re been working on VR in one form or the other since the middle of 2014, exploring what VR is going to look like,” he said. “The hard part is making it feel like an evolution of IMVU, rather than an entirely new product.”

Creating a Virtual Environment for IMVU Credits Buyers

The game has always been an experience viewed from the third person, so some IMVU credits buyers may find it turning into a first person experience strange. However, Durrett and his team are trying their best to make it as comfortable as possible. This means having a high frame rate to avoid nausea.

“The visuals of IMVU are really controlled by the players. Some like to go for a more cartoony look, whilst others prefer high-end visuals. Besides, thanks to our recent developments, we moved our whole system over to webGL. It’s set to launch in July, so when it does, we can render everything in 3D in the back end and service it as 2D video out. Nobody has to download anything.”

Gesture-Based Animations for IMVU Credits Buyers

Interactions and gestures are the very core of IMVU. So, will be adapting these functions as well? Durrett stated that his developers tried a camera based solution for hand tracking, but it didn’t present enough freedom. He claimed that hugging, shaking hands, and waving are very important. Gesture-based animations could take the social experience to a new level of immersion. Currently, IMVU is not set up to receive those sorts of inputs, so they’ll need development.

“Our experience is much more comfortable [than others] for VR. We have a system where you move from seat to seat by clicking, rather than walking. It’s much less queasy.”

How do you feel about VR coming into IMVU? Let us know in the comments! For the meantime, log on to your accounts and immerse yourself into IMVU. You can also get cheap IMVU credits for a better experience.

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